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Hello [Feb. 27th, 2007|02:24 am]
I know that no one except myself and one other person is watching this journal, but in case I am wrong I am still alive. Will try to post something more intresting later.
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Curious [Feb. 15th, 2006|11:14 pm]
I know I havent continued what I started in my last post, but I want to pose a question for you all out there. I know that you can experience a love so intoxicating that it blinds you to everything else. So empowering it gets you through some very dark times, im experiencing this love right now from my girlfriend. But this is my sexual journal so that is not what my question is about. My question is have you ever been with someone or had someone affect you so that a single word can cause your body to sudder from sexual apprenhension. Not from her or him touching your in any way, but whispering in your ear or sending you a text or what ever with the intention to touch you or lick you or whatever. And like I said, not a paragraph or even a sentence. But just a single word causing your whole body to shudder and begin yearning to be touched. Now I know certain words immedately cause images and sensations, lick, suck, fuck, slam. Some more than others of course, but think about what im asking. Does a word nearly make you fall out of your chair because you have images of your better half fucking your brains out. Or a different word recollecting that great oral sex you recieved that one day, that causes you instant arousal. With my girlfriend, I have discovered that she in fact does this to me. We will be talking online or whatever, and then she writes one of the various words in her arsenal and it hits. My whole body shakes and convuleses, images of all things sexual flood my head and jolts of pure pleasure shoot out causing me to look like a fish out of water.

Now some of you might wonder if I do this for the benefit of her, hell no. It is the gods honest truth that my body does that when she decides to be evil and tease me. I have never experienced anything like it and I love every minute of it and I Love Her.
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Creation Of A Whore [Dec. 21st, 2005|11:28 am]
This will be a few journal entries that I have decided to create and share with you all. I hope everyone enjoys it. While there will be some sex (of course), mostly it is a discussion on being a Whore or Master from my point of view. This is only my point and no one elses.

As you all read a post back, My definition of a Whore is someone who enjoys sex throughly. Any and all forms of it, flashing ones tits to threesomes. While he or she may go up to someone and immedately take them home for sexual fun and games, that person is never easy and is always safe and consentual. I do consider myself a Whore, I love all forms of sex and sexual innuendo. While being raised in a church going home I was shown at 13 how to masturbate and that started me from there. But a few years ago I realized I liked some of the more freakiers aspects of sex, bondage, ropeplay, ageplay, spanking, Domination and Submission. Various things pointed me towards these activities, and while a shrink would analize me and find something wrong. I dont care, this is how I am and this is what i enjoy; moving on. I had a friend into the naughtier side of things and she told me about BDSM and I decided I would look into it and again decided that it was right for me. I planned on being a switch but more submissive but I kept finding with ladies who enjoyed being Dominated and so I decided to run with it and have had some lovely times. Then I met my current girlfriend, and I discovered a deep secret, something hidden from everyone else...


(More to come soon)
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Happy Holidays and Message [Dec. 21st, 2005|11:01 am]
Greetings To One And All,
First of all I want to say that I am alive and Im still here. Secondly I know I have been removed from a few friends list for not being active, I understand that. Just please check back here, I hope to be able to post more soon. I miss a lot of you here. And Lastly,

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Greetings [Jul. 14th, 2005|07:31 am]
Hello To All,
Now this will not be a full update but just so you all now I am alive and well and employeed. But I would like to pose a question to all you out there. I was talking to a friend of mine and she is very sexually active and she referred to herself as a slut. Now she has safe, consentual sex and she is slut as being a positive term. If you understand what I mean. But in my eyes a slut is not something you want to aspire too, and I will give definitions of my scale of sexuality in a moment. But I wanted to pose the question to you all, what do you think is the correct term for someone who enjoys her sexuality and just loves to fuck.

On my scale the highest "title" if you will is Whore. I know what the definition is according to Webster's but I dont care. On my scale a Whore is anyone who just enjoys sex, all forms of sex. From masturbation, to phone sex, to flashing your tits in public, to who knows what. Now that doesnt make her or him an easy lay or anything, not at all. A Whore should be respected and treated just like anyother male or female, she just enjoys the naughtier things in life.

A Slut to me is someone who uses sex to get her way, or for other purposes. Like banging a boss to get ahead at a job. Or someone makes you mad so you go bang that person's boyfriend or girlfriend. I can not stand anyone using something like sex or blackmail or race or things like that to get a head in life. And sex should be pleasure, not a tool. Slut also falls under any girl who lets a guy use her and he calls it affection. I know not everyone has balls of steel. But never, EVER let anyone force you to do anything you dont want to do. Now if you life is threatened that is a whole nother story. Let me know what you all think.


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Greetings To One And All [Feb. 9th, 2005|11:44 am]
Yes Ladies and Gentlemen,
I am still and live and kicking. I will keep this short because I must attempt to go find employment but i will soon be uploading fun tales of kink and pleasure. See Yall Soon.

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Erotic Encounters Part 1 [Oct. 20th, 2004|04:25 am]

Hey All,

I have been a bad boy and have not posted some very pleasureable encounters  I have had to my LJ here. So here I go with the first one that is with myself and NaughtyMewmew back in Feb at an Amtgard event called Discord...


Erotic Encounter-DiscordCollapse )

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Quiz From Sexual Diva's Journal [Oct. 17th, 2004|04:26 am]
Tell me your secret sexual perversion.
BDSM, do I need to elaborate.

Tell me your 4 secret online crushes.
Sorry I can't narrow it down, all the ladies in my friend list. I admit, some I havent read in forever. While there are some I know more personally than others, but they each have something i like.

Tell me how old you were when you gave/received oral.
Gave To Female-18

Tell me how old you were when you lost your virginity.
18 or 19

Tell me about one sexual experience you regret.
Performance issue during a 3some.

Tell me if you've had or thought about experimenting with the same sex.
Receieved a BJ from my friend R. Very very very small thought of same sex pleasure. But only with R because I can trust him.

Tell me if you've been submissive and how far.
Havent been able to yet.

Tell me if you've been Dominant and how far.
I would say total Dom but I will admit to being a amatuer.

Tell me your secret fetish.
Corsets, Bondage, School Girl Outfits, Medieval Dresses

Tell me about your fantasy woman/man.
Woman-Red hair, 5"9 to 6"0, 170 or so, large tits, open-minded and intellegent. And bi sexual (imagine a guy saying that)

Tell me the body part you're most fixated on and why.
Breasts-Not sure why, weither covered or nude, large or small, I am a big fan of breasts.

Tell me a secret, any secret.
I think my BJ from R will suffice. That and my Ageplay that I like, which is the roleplaying of different ages and settings.

Post this in your LJ.
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Greetings All [Sep. 10th, 2004|03:46 am]

Hey Everyone,

I havent done a proper post here in a bit but I am working on it. But for now I have reclaimed my camera from my little brother and I have decided to post some pics here. The first will be a face shot of myself and the rest will be what the good lord graced me with. I am a bit of an exhibitionist so I hope you ladies out there will enjoy the show.



MeCollapse )


My ManhoodCollapse )


Close UpCollapse )

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AOL Instant Messenger [Aug. 26th, 2004|05:36 am]
Hey Everyone,
I just got unlimited messaging activated on my phone and so far I only have a certain cat girl on my buddy list. If you want to talk leave me a AOL name I will add it to my buddy list or you can add me DQuartermane. I will be in touch.

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